Who we are

"Stavrodromi" (crossroads) is an independent, solidarity association that aims to sooth the pain of the fellow human being.

It addresses to socially excluded groups without access to healthcare and social support services.

The number of both Greek and foreigners in need increases every day. As a result the human values we have grown with are forgotten and negative feeling revive which are new to human character.

Our aim

This organization’s main care is to provide material and mental support to our fellow human beings so that they are able to stand on their own feet and support themselves and their families.

We also want to help our fellow human being when in despair in order to prevent him or her from any possible future offense.

Our method

Stavrodromi is sheltered in a ground level autonomous space. It is a space where our fellow people can come to rest and find food and company.

We want them to find essential support through communication and our provided counseling.